Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 to everybody. Brendan and I woke up New Years Day and took a walk down the street to the beach. It was gorgeous outside! When we got back I made us a great healthy breakfast with plenty of fresh veggies. We decided to take the day off of working out since we were still pretty sore from the workout the day before.....

10 bench press at 3/4 bodyweight
10 dead hang or weighted pullups
row 500 meters
x 5 rounds.

This one hurt like hell concidering the day before here's what the workout was :

40 kettlebell swings
80 sit ups
250 meter row
30 kettlebell swings
60 sit ups
500 meter row
20 kettlebell swings
40 sit ups
750 meter row
10 kettlebell swings
20 sit ups
1,000 meter row.

YES - it's as knarley as it looks and the last 1,000 meter row was torturous! Can't remember my time - but it wasn't bad.

We hope everybody is starting the new year off with plenty of love, laughter, goals, and healthy habits. Life is amazingly great!!
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