Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Little Lesson....

So yesterday I had something kinda cool and kinda strange at the same time happen to me.... First off I believe there is a God and that He has a plan for each of us. I also believe that He talks to us even when we try to close our ears to His voice and go our own way and make our own decisions based on what WE want. I hear Him as a whisper or a feeling - left ignored the whispers turn to yells and He usually will put me in uncomfortable situations to face whatever it is I am avoiding or ignoring. So - that being said I have been trying to think of a way to get back to church and to get back ultimately to faith. Yesterday I ran into a friend from church who I was not really looking forard to seeing because I feared judgement, cold shoulder...whatever you want to say. I ran into this person in a doctors office so I couldn't really just leave .....and all I saw in her eyes for me was love. It really struck my heart because i didn't think her, of all people, would treat me warmly. Anyway- it felt really nice and I know God put her in my path as a sort of sign that I am loved. Who doesn't like to feel that ?

Today's workout was a beast....give it a try:

25 hang power cleans
25 jerks
20 hang power cleans
20 jerks
15 hang power cleans
15 jerks
row 1,000 meters

I used 78 pounds. I SHOULD OF used 88 pounds but I was feeling a little weak from having had a cold and blah blah blah. 78 pounds was FINE for today! :) 24:10 was my time. The row slowed me down like crazy.....

I also did track sprints yesterday totaling 4.5 miles in the end.
Check out this months January CrossFit Journal for some amazing endurance training coupled with CrossFit.....GB.....READ IT!! I'm going to train the way McKenzie suggests for 5 weeks after I give it a read and see how far I can go.

Pay attention to the signs.....they're all around you.....
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GB said...

Hey you, I will read the January CF Journal! And by the way, I completely identify with what you said about God talking to us. I believe that if our hearts, ears, minds and eyes (etc.) were once open to Him, then they are always somewhat open to Him. He's always there and I know YOU know that. ;) If anybody loves you more than you'll ever know, it's God. Through His love for you, you have the ability and faith to love others. LOVE is really such a gift, from above.

theresa said...

Great post! I agree and know that I struggle with being still so that I can hear God's voice clearly. If I can do that, then there's no need for the "shouting." Hope you make it back to church!


Kim said...

Hey Shari,
I couldn't agree with you more. I think the hectic schedule in life doesn't allow us enough time or patience to hear God's voice. It is up to us to make that time and it is also up to us to have the discipline to acutally follow the path that He sets for us. No one said that the road would be easy. If it is then it probably isn't the right path anyway! People will always let us down in some way, but God never will. Keep listening girl because He loves you deeply.
:) Kim

GB said...

I just read Brian McKenzie's article. OMG, that would kick my ass without a doubt, but I'm sure it would help me be a stronger runner. I might toy with it sometime during this training cycle before Boston.

Have you registered yet? :)

T Miller said...

Hi Shari,
Thanks for the comments. You are the last person I would think of as a "sleepwalker". Maybe to you you're not giving it enough but I doubt anyone else would think so. It's good you have that drive though.
I have been having the same feeling of need for the church fellowship thing. I also have a spouse that needs some pushing (or pulling or whatever) to get to that point.
I'll start checking in on you blog.

Shari Baby said...

GB,'re always so great and encouraging. Thanks girl....

Shari Baby said...

There have been a small handful of Christians who display what I believe to be what the gospel is REALLY ultimately all about - love and non judgement - you and Michele being 2 of the few. Thanks for having my back when some shithead talked crap about me, and thanks for telling me God still cares. It's important for me to hear that and know that and to FEEL that. You're incredible. And strong as all HELL! Miss ya at 6am!!!

Shari Baby said...

Thnks for the sweet comment. Maybe I put off another vibe than what I feel inside I guess.....but it's a new year and with it new drives! Also....a reignited desire for Him in my life. Good to hear your there also. Maybe we can encourage eachother ??