Thursday, January 31, 2008

Working on running form

Turns out I run like SHIT! This weekend was life changing for me. I have been suffering from pain and because of that pain can't compete - which I love to do. After just one weekend at Genetic Potential with Brian MacKenzie and Mike Collins - I have learned the proper running form and in turn can run with ZERO pain. I'm telling you - these men are amazing ! What they teach will make you a faster runner and it feels effortless! Check out Brian at Cross Fit Newport Beach or google Genetic Potential...I'm now his athlete and am learning what he I can bring it to you!!!
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mrsmommyb said...

glad to see your posts. hahaha. i see you have been busy. awesome about the running. my left knee almost always hurts after a mile so i'm curious to see what you learned. happy birthday too. =]

sakura & baby kaela

metric said...

With Eva and now you raving about this I am now completely sold on this style of running. I'm looking for coaches here in New Zealand and striking out so far, so it looks like I'll have do my best on my own and hopefully at some stage I'll be able to hook up with someone who can sort out what I'm doing wrong. Hopefully that goes better than teaching myself Olympic lifting! LOL.

Fingers crossed my wife and I will be across in the States in August and I'm hoping I'll have the time to call into Santa Cruz to meet you and Brendan and say thanks in person for the inspiration I've gotten from you both.
Great to see Brendan blogging so much this year, some influence from you rubbing off perhaps? :-)
When I read his thoughts it's easy to see why he's able to turn on such a powerful performance in the workouts I see on the videos. They're just a reflection of his internal drive and focus.

Best wishes to you, Brendan and your family.