Monday, January 22, 2007

New friends

This is Mark, a participant at the seminar and his girlfriend Val. She actually has been writing me and asking for my guidence on CrossFit and running - also nutrition. I was stoked to meet her finally and to put a face with the e mails. She was super cool. And Mark I got to know pretty well during the seminar and I got to nit pick his farm quite a bit. Sorry Mark - but I hope i was helpful. Valerie was geting ready to run a 22 miler in preparation for her first marathon coming up in March. Way to go Val!!! Posted by Picasa


call_anna said...
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MarkFu said...

Hi Shari,

You and Brendan made the "highlight reel" of my Cert weekend. You two are terrific people and a great couple. I really appreciate you picking on my form especially since i can't see what the hell I'm doing! Great job! Thanks for the help on Val's behalf and the tips you both gave on Zone stuff. Hope to play with you guys again soon!

BTW, Val's 22 miler was a walk in the park! She did great!


val_k said...


You are even more beautiful and amazing in person! I cannot thank you and B enough for the multitude of helpful training and nutrition tips. You are a tremendous inspiration. Thank you, again!

Shari Baby said...

Hey buddy - no problem with any little bit of help that we offered you and Val. Back at cha - you two are great people and I (we) enjoyed meeting you and hanging out with you. Hopefully we'll get to see you some time soon. Take care

Shari Baby said...

Heard you did great on your 22 miler. Just curious, how long did it take you - and how did you feel afterwards ? Any soreness ?
Keep up the great work and let me know if you need anything - thanks for the kind words! LOVED meeting're much prettier than what i imagined :) (I don't even know what I thought you looked like, but you're definitely a looker)