Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pullups can be beyond painful!!!

Today's CrossFit workout :

sprint 100 meters
12 kettle bell swings
10 pullups

How many rounds can you get in 20 minutes ?

I managed to get in 9 rounds - 7 before my hand split open and blood gushed out. I pushed through it, but after 9 rounds I stopped. I also had to take it easy on the sprints - I ran hard, but didn't sprint. Brendan and I did this workout together, and he got 12 rounds!! He's so amazing!! Anyway - if you get the cuts like I did putting chalk into the ripped skin helps stop the bleeding so you can continue - just a little tidbit!!! I know, gross....:) Posted by Picasa


Crash said...

oh snap! an all to familiar sight for the world of CrossFit.

CrossFit King said...
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Shari Baby said...

you said it!! OUCH!! said...

Now you're looking like a gymnast!

Get a matching one on the other palm and you'll be all set.

Shari Baby said...,
I know - my left hand was fine. Guess that means I pull more on my right....but I am thankful at least i still have one hand to use :) Thanks for stopping by take care

Bob Gentile said...

Awww ...that's WHY I don't do them :-)

Hey Shari, check out the girl on my site that ran a 3 30 marathon--cool 3 min video... she is a little speed demon like song to go with the video!

Jen said...

Your a tough ass Crossfit lady!

CrossFit Cape Fear & Designs In Fitness said...

Painful.... but let's be honest... it is cool and motivating to know that you can do that! Yeah, weird

Shari Baby said...

3:30 - cool. I will check it out. If you consider that to be a "speed demon" then I guess I am that. My best time was 3:26 something. I want a sub 3 so bad though!!! I don't think I will ever get it now - but I still want it. :)

Shari Baby said...

Just like YOU!!!

Shari Baby said...

I know - we are all SICK! We have bruises/shin scars/calloused and bleeding hands/forearm scrapes from rings, the list goes on...but we LOVE it that way!!!

OCRunnerGirl said...

you are tough girl!