Thursday, January 04, 2007

What is Fit ???

This is from the CrossFit Journal....are you as fit as you think you are ????

If your goal is optimum physical competence
then all the general physical
skills must be considered:

1. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
- The ability of body systems to
gather, process, and deliver oxygen.

2. Stamina - The ability of body systems
to process, deliver, store, and
utilize energy.

3. Strength - The ability of a muscular
unit, or combination of muscular units,
to apply force.

4. Flexibility - the ability to maximize
the range of motion at a given joint.

5. Power - The ability of a muscular
unit, or combination of muscular units,
to apply maximum force in minimum

6. Speed - The ability to minimize the
time cycle of a repeated movement.

7. Coordination - The ability to combine
several distinct movement patterns
into a singular distinct movement.

8. Agility - The ability to minimize
transition time from one movement
pattern to another.

9. Balance - The ability to control the
placement of the bodies center of
gravity in relation to its support base.

10. Accuracy - The ability to control
movement in a given direction or at a
given intensity.

(Ed. - Thanks to Jim Crawley
and Bruce Evans of Dynamax,\)


Crash said...

I am totally going to steal this for my blog - great stuff and as always props to CrossFit

Shari Baby said...

It's great isn't it ?? The CrossFit journal is a wealth of information. My boyfriend Brendan has all the copies and I am trying to catch up on my can order the journals from the main CF site