Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Running again!!!

So this morning I decided to give running a try since I have laid off all last week. IT FELT GREAT TO RUN AGAIN!!! I had a touch of discomfort, but ran slow on the treadmill and with my miniscus brace on. I went for 4.5 miles at a slooow 8 minute per mile pace. I was excited to be running and sweating. What a way to start the day off right for me!! After my run I iced and took some ibuprofen and rolled on the foam roller paying special attention to my right IT band.

Here's the CrossFit workout for the day :
Warm up run big loop (3/4 of a mile)
Burgner warm up with stick x3

How many rounds can you get in 20 minutes of :
12 power snatches (I used 38 pounds)
10 pushups

I got 8 rounds and it felt pretty hard. I started to loose my grip before I lost my strength.
Then I did weighted sit ups (see above picture) 10 reps x3 rounds. These are very challenging - give them a try!!

Overall, today's workout was great
Run 4.5 miles
96 power snatches at 38 pounds
80 push ups
30 weighted sit ups
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Bob Gentile said...

geesh only an 8 minute pace WHY even bother that is practically crawling...

well if it made U feel better then OK but glad U where inside on the treadmill wouldn't want anybody in a walker passing U on the street that would be embarrassing :-(

OK I hope I made U smile, GREAT Run Shari and welcome back...PLEASE make sure U ICEEEEEEEEE


GB said...

Hi Shari, I'm so glad you had a good run. I hope you begin to feel better each day. You are waaay fast, woman! My "easy" runs are at a 9:00 pace, YIKES.

I did the WOD and my legs were shaking in the last few sets. My shoulders and upper back are tight right now. I was barely able to do 8 rounds, but using only 20 pounds (remember I'm a newbie), and went from regular pushups to wuss pushups (w/ my knees on the ground) half-way through. Man, I KNOW I'll be sore tomorrow, and I have a 8-10 mile hill run on schedule.

My question is: Can we rest a little between the rounds, and if so, for how long? It felt like my heart was pounding outside of my chest and here I am thinking I'm in cardiovascular shape! HA.

I will tell ya' though, this CrossFit stuff is awesome because it's so challenging, different and fun. I love it.

OCRunnerGirl said...

8 MINUTE MILE....you are kidding me! The ONLY time I ever am running a 8 minute mile is when it is a down hill! You rock girl! Happy to hear you are running again. Take it slow and easy. Have a great day!