Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years day workout....

I wanted to run so badly even though my right knee/hip still hurts to put weight on it - I ran for 3 miles on my treadmill. I wanted to go further and faster, but settled for the fact that at least I was running. Even if it was a hobble run :) Crossfit workout was this :

12 calorie row
12 push press (30 #)
12 KB swings
12 medicine ball cleans (16 #)
12 thrusters (25#)
12 box jumps
12 burpees
2 rope climbs
12 wall ball (16#)
repeat 3 rounds finish off with a 200 meter run

We performed this workout in a line, with 2 teams competing against each other. You couldn't move onto the next exercise until everbody in your line was finished with their station....it was a lot of fun. Not too hard, but somebody did end up earning their Pukie shirt!!I raced against Brendans team so we were at the stations in our lines at the same time....in the end my team won because the puker was on his team....:)

After Brendan and I took Brandon to 26th Ave. beach and walked since it was super low tide. Brendan talked Bran and I into climbing the wall of boulders to the top of the cliff. It was a little scarey for Brandon, but he took his time and made it to the top. He was so proud of himself - those climbing days he does with his dad were helpful for sure. I love the way that Brendan followed behind him and stopped when he wanted to stop - he gave him pep talks when my son thought he couldn't do it and wanted to give up. Brendan helped build some confidence in my son and his abilities and I could see how that made him feel proud that he was scared to do something - but did it anyway and made it to his goal. Brendan is very good at that with him and with me too.....I know my son is safe with him and that makes me feel so good.... Posted by Picasa

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