Monday, November 06, 2006

Baby Dylan

Check out - I'm on there with the WOD cleaning & jerking baby!!

Okay, here's my favorite baby again. Uncle B and Auntie Shari bought her a new hat in SF on has a skull and crossbones so now she can be badass like us too!!! God she is so frickin cute!!! I wish I got to hang with her oonger today, but had to workout at 9 then rush home for the heater guy to put in a new heater so we don't freeze this winter!! Maybe tomorow I can steal her for a while!!! Posted by Picasa


CrossFit King said...

the only girl besides mommy who can put dylan to sleep. You got the magic touch baby.

Shari Baby said...

awww...thanks baby. You know I love that little girl! She must feel it when I hold her and that's why she can go right to sleep....I'm just thankful Annie let's me play auntie ;)