Friday, November 24, 2006

Sweating gravy workout!!!

Doing a CrossFit workout while being on a food high is difficult to say the least! I ate pretty good yesterday, just more than usual and yams! I had a piece of cherry pie that was delicious!! When you don't eat r a while, your body reacts to it when you do eat it. I felt sluggish, heavy, and sore today. I managed to get through the workout which was :

100 squats holding a 14 pound ball
3 rope climbs(no touching the ground)
3 rounds for time....

Warm up run big loop (just shy of a mile)
cool down run big loop
I also did GH sit ups and back extensions 20 each for 3 rounds and military ab mat sit ups 50 reps.

I will probably go for a run this evening, but after the long run yesterday I really didn't feel like running this morning. I'll see how I feel later.... Posted by Picasa

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CrossFit King said...

You are the sexiest athlete alive Shari. I can't believe how well rounded your fitness has become. When I met you you were a great runner now your great at everything. I love watching you move. B