Monday, November 27, 2006

Suffering on Monday

This was the torture on the board at CrossFit this morning....How many rounds in 20 minutes can u do of :

Run to Fed Ex (440 meters)
max reps of pull ups

I don't do well when I don't have a number to shoot for. Brendan did this workout last week, but the difference was 10 pull ups, not max. So...I decided to do 13 reps....a number that I could sustain for every round. I completed 7 rounds and held the 13 pullups for each. Not bad. It was a great workout, but I wish I would have known ahead of time - I wouldn't have done the interval training this morning before hand. This is what I did at 6am on Lilly, my treadmill :

3/4 mile (3 laps)warm up jog
2 laps stride straights, jog turns

400 (1 lap) at 10k pace 7:13 mm with 200 jog recovery

1 mile (4 laps) at 30 sec/mile faster than marathon goal pace - 7:05
400 jog/walk recovery

400 (1 lap) at 10k pace with 200 jog recovery

2 laps cool down jog + stretch
Total Distance - 6.75 miles

Have a great day!!!
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Jonny Ringo said...

Sounds like you had a good workout today!

Brian said...

I would have not done this workout. I work at FedEx, why would I want to run there. ha-ha

Hope you have a good week Shari.

Shari Baby said...

Yup - I had a great workout today. How are yours going for ya ? Still attacking the CrossFit website ?I bet you are..

Shari Baby said...

Yea, I guess that puts a damper on the workout for ya if your running to work. YUK! Fed Ex is at the corner of the industrial park where XFit HQ is, so we just say "run to Fed X".....if we want to get a run in that's 440 meters long. We do that a lot there!!! Hope your turkey day was great!