Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Playing around with Brendan...

Today I worked out with Brendan in the evening - I had way too much going on in the daytime. I ran 5.5 miles at 6am working on getting my speed back. So I managed to do a 6:35 minute mile the entire time, which made me VERY happy!! Then off to Scotts Valley to drop off the kids and meet up with Gretchen and Lara for a 7.3 or so mile loop up Bean Creek Road. I LOVE running with we all had on our skirts - but I forgot the camera on our run which SUCKED cuz the road was incredibly beautiful today AND we all looked super cute ;) I drove back and forth to Sv like 6 times today...whew! Sometimes being a mom is tiring and I don't have a lot of time to relax. Okay, today's workout was :

15 overhead squats 55pounds
15 ring dipps
5 rounds.... I have been doing what coach B told me and do dipps when I am at Crossfit - deep ones. So this morning when I stopped by the gym I did 15 and didn't know i was gunna be doing more tonight!!! Let me just say that my tricepts and shoulders are KILLING ME!! Geesh - maybe I'll actually start getting some more muscle now ;) Yesterdays workout was :

Row 250 meters
deadlift 115 pounds 5 reps
ring dipps 5 reps
repeat 7 rounds

I went for a run up North Rodeo Gulch after the workout yesterday too. Super fun!! I have been having great runs and feeling a lot stronger. When I run speed it hurts, but i feel like I am starting to get it back. When I run slower with people, I feel like I could run no problem forever at the slower pace. Hmm...who knows what's next for me....

"That which matters the most must never give way to that which matters least" - todays thought to ponder baby :) Posted by Picasa

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