Friday, November 17, 2006

Fun with friends!!

Well, I was having fun because I was already finished! I got to capture some of the 9am group at CrossFit performing their pass throughs, which is a progression to learning the L sit. It's one the 'Queens of the Core' exercises. Here is what torture Brendan put us through :

warm up:
tabata jump rope/squats
shoulder dislocates 7
over head squats 7
good mornings 7
repeated 3 times

Run big loop (approximately 1074 meters)
21 thrusters 25 pounds
9 pullups
run alley loop (approximately 800 meters)
15 thrusters 25 pounds
21 pullups
run to fed ex and back (approximately 420 meters)
9 thrusters 25 pounds
15 pullups

21 - 15 - 9 pass through to L hold and ab mat sit ups to finish off the workout.

I finished first woman, 3rd overall. Can't remember the time - but there was a ton of people in class today. Thanks to Zac who yelled at me to "catch those boys!" I managed to put the gas on and catch up to and pass 3 men in the second round. Who said I was competitive ? ;) Maybe I can talk somebody into going for a little run tonight with me. I ran with Nicole last night and had a great time. We actually ran it pretty fast! Posted by Picasa

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