Thursday, November 16, 2006

Killer workout today!!!

CrossFit kicked my ass today!! Brendan made us in the 9am class squeal like babies! Here it is :

shoulder press
push press
push jerk

5 reps of each at 53 pounds
row 250 meters sprint
10 rounds for time....

The first to fail was the shoulder presses - good exercise, but man do they get hard! You want to use those hips, but can't. When the push press and jerk come it's way easier....Just what i needed after my long run yesterday. I managed to talk Nicole into running an easy 6-7 miler tonight at 5ish along the cliffs. It's a great night for a run with a friend. I love having running partners :) I feel great today after a visit to the chiropractor - I had a few ribs outta place and was in some discomfort. He managed to slip one back in and put my neck back in alignment, but one rib is still noticeably prominant in the front of my chest - inflamation has set in I guess. Maybe I'll ice it after the run and take some anti inflammatories - I dunno...It sucks though!! Hope you all are having a great day!!

Thought for the day : "Let sweat flow from your pores once a day to regenerate your skin."

I'm getting ready to do this for the second time today. What are YOU doing ???
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Brian said...

Do you really want to know what I am doing or was that one of those smart ass questions? ha-ha

Shari Baby said...

Brain -
lay it on me long as it isn't perverted :)

Brian said...

I am not here to boast myself up, that is what Tracy is suppose to do. I did not just sit around all day either. It was an easy day, 75 minute endurance spin class. Of course, I can not keep up with you.

I just left a comment so you know that I am reading.

Shari Baby said...

75 minute spin class ? That's CRAZY bro!!!'re more badass than I thought ;)

Brian said...

Thanks I think. I had some ink work done this week so I have not hit the weights. I guess I am a little paranoid. It was my 4th spin of the week. The others were only 60 minutes, which is really like 50 after the set up and warm up.