Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday 9am crew....

Man was it cold at CrossFit this morning! I can only imagine what it felt like at 6am - :0
This pic is Eva, Annie, me, Tanya, Michele, Heather, Nicole, Brendan and Zac. Just a few of the 9am trainers and participants.
Todays workout was just what I needed on a taper day :

heavy deadlifts 5x5 - Michele and I used 45 pound dumbells
20 squats
20 sit ups
20 back extensions
max pull ups
max push ups
5 rounds
heavy shoulder presses 5x5 I used 25 pound dbs

I felt extra tired today for some reason, so my maxes were NOT what they should have been, for sure. I think in the back of my mind I was holding back because of the race this weekend. I didn't want to workout hard and feel sore or anything else but rested and ready come Sunday at 5am. I had a great picture to post but accidentally deleted it last night :( B and myself met up with our friends Katy and Scott downtown at Aqua Blue for sushi and a great time. I just LOVE hanging out with them and talking with them about running and what races they have coming up and so forth. Always encouraging to hear about what they are up to. Scott and Katy are training for their first marathon, Big Sur, in April. They are going to do fantastic! I might even meet up with Katy along the course and pull her into to the finish. Either way Brendan and I will be there to share the victory with them! I'll manage to get them on film again and this time I won't be careless!! Posted by Picasa

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