Sunday, November 05, 2006

Olympic Lifting competition

Today Brendan and I went to San Francisco to support our friend and fellow Crossfit Queen, Eva Twardokens at her first O lifting competition. Brendan has been coaching her along so he needed to be there to screem "stand up!!" and i just cheered for her!! She is such my hero! I swear watching these women was inspiring to me! I am at the other end of the spectrum as far as athletics is concerned. ...I am a marathon runner and my competitions take at least 3 hours. I can run for as long as a need to. This was a matter of seconds with strength and explosiveness. Something I am not full of. Eva made it look super easy and she stuck all 6 of her lifts. In fact, she came in 2nd place. :) We are so proud of her and I can't wait to watch her again and again. Watching these athletes really made me think about my own goals...what ARE they ? Why haven't I had the focus that I used to have ? Now I know it has been a rough year for me, but at some point I have to stop the excuses and start becoming the focused, driven athlete I used to be and then some. Boston is coming in April `and I do have a pretty tough goal to meet there. Time to pick myself up off the ground, train hard and stop feeling sorry for myself!! If these women can do it....then why can't I ? Thanks Eva for the inspiration and thanks to all the awesome women there who fanned the flame inside me for competition. I REALIZE I HAVE MISSED IT!!! More than I thought...... Posted by Picasa


Eva T. said...

your smile was inspiring, beautiful, and i know you can do what you set your mind to. i will be there to support and encourage you in what ever you do!

Shari Baby said...

You are the best! I was smiling because i was just so frickin happy to be witnessing you and the other women trying to get your lifts! I was impressed fo' sho!!
See you in Colorado and have a safe flight....PRAY FOR ME!! :0 yikes....I'm getting in a flying tube....(thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it so much girl!)