Monday, November 13, 2006

One of the good ones....

This is my buddy Emily. She has been my running partner for several years now, and one of the few friends who stayed friends with me after the past year of changes in my life. Emily is a dedicated athlete and has been working super hard in law school for the past 3 years....I haven't been able to run with her since she started school, or even see her that often.....but when we do get the chance to hang out, it's like no time passed. She is amazing to me! Emily has helped me become a faster runner - chasing her was HARD work!! Every Saturday we would hook up and run 13 miles non stop talkiing and before we knew it - we were done in 1:37 or so....that's how you get better. Train with somebody who is better than YOU!!!Okay, so this is a shitty picture of me, but I love it cuz Trexel is with me!!! Love you Trexelator!! We hope to get together for a run REAL soon and I can't wait!! Posted by Picasa

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