Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My beautiful children....

The tattoos on my feet are of my children. Sarah on the right, Brandon on the left (flip it for your eyes of course) I put them on my feet because they are the reasons I take every step in my life - they ground me. They are my anchors. When I am out running it's nice to know that they are helping my feet move forward! I chose the Day of the Dead style because it's beautiful to me - Brandon had a beanie on because he LOVES collecting beanies! Sarah has hearts in her eyes because she has the kindest heart - she loves children and has a lot of patience...that's love to me. Brandon has stars in his eyes because that's him - starry eyed! He's always in his own head, daydreaming and playing pretend...out in the stars. These were the most painful of all my tattoos...for sure. Klem at OReilley's Tattoo Parlour in Santa Cruz did all my work - minus a few from Dan....Okay - so Johnny...this post was for you. Now I bet you want more work! Posted by Picasa


Jonny Ringo said...

Those are really cool Shari. I'll try to get my girlfriend to take a picture of mine so you can see them. She's from San Francisco, so would would think she would be a little more open to body art. :-) You'll have to get Brendon to post his also. And yes, is really does make me want to get more tattoos myself.

Shari Baby said...

Thanks! I want to see your tattoo pix too....Your girl will come around...:)
Take care and have a great day!!