Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Get low baby...

Todays CrossFit workout :

row 750 meters
25 squats
10 dead hang pullups
10 ring ring dipps

How many rounds can u do in 20 minutes ?

After yesterday's workout and the run last night and this morning - I was able to push out only 5 rounds...Michele and I groaned the whole time!! Our backs were sore from the KB swings yesterday....

Then we did 50 military sit ups with strict form, thanks Annie ;)

Get out there and move today. I'm getting ready to eat a perfect 2 block meal and lay down for a much needed nap with my man. Posted by Picasa


HG said...

Wow, an average of 4min to do each of "only" five rounds is smokin'!

Around what time were you averaging for the 750m rows? How long to do 10 dead hang pullups without momentum coming into play?

Tsypkin said...

Shari, you're an animal.

Was the 750m row every round or just a warm-up?

Shari Baby said...

That was smokin ? Hmmm...you had to be there to see how slow we were actually going I guess. The 750 row was just a warm up - I should have clarified that...so I didn't push it. I never push it really because rowing is super hard for me. The deadhangs I did strict, but broke it up...started with 5, rested then 3, rested, then 2. They are HARD for me!

Shari Baby said...

Thanks! I'm trying to keep up with Brendan :) The 750 row was just a warm up....Take care!!

HG said...

Aw, you spoilt my image Shari ... LOL. I was thinking five sub-2:30 sprints of 750m on the erg with squats, pullups and dips during the 90sec "rests" ... like ... who is this woman??

Well done nonetheless. Enjoy your apple pie. You deserve it!