Thursday, November 09, 2006

Target Practice!!

Todays workout was a hard one! Sumo deadlift high pulls at 65 pounds & push press 65 pounds Tabata style. Alternate between both exercises 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 8 rounds. It was fun and HARD!! Especially after the overhead squats from last upper body felt shot. Then we did L sits holding as long as we could until the combined time came to 15 minutes. The longest I held was 38 seconds - legs straight and toes pointed. I need to get better at that. Annie busted out 1 minute holds each time, and she just had a baby. She is my hero!!! After that, for fun Brendan and I did some Glute/Ham sit ups with a 6 pound ball throwing at the target and catching it, then extending with ball overhead touching the floor....repeated 21-15-9 reps with ab mat sit ups after each round. WHEW!! I feel my abs now :) I leave for Colorado first thing in the morning for the CrossFit certification seminar. Please send some love to me because I am fearful of flying and can use it!!!

Thought for the day :"Do one things a day that scares you"
Well--this will be practiced tomorrow when I am flying overhead in a TUBE!!! Posted by Picasa

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